Brand Name: beideli
Gender: Unisex
Age Range: 0-6m
Age Range: 7-12m
Age Range: 13-24m
Age Range: 25-36m
Age Range: 3-6y
Age Range: 7-12y
Age Range: 12+y
Origin: CN(Origin)
Material: Plastic
Function: Cabinet Lock
Model Number: PJ3214#A28-0716
Specification: 4
Usage: Cabinet Doors
Item Type: Cabinet Locks & Straps
4 pieces set: 8 pieces set
12 pieces set: Infant Security
Kids Drawer Locker: Children Protection
Childproof Locks: locks from children
door interlocks: castle from children
drawer latch: baby safety lock
Invisible Magnetic Lock: Cabinet Lock
Magnetic Lock: Kids Drawer Locker
Baby Safety: Infant Security
Cupboard: Childproof Locks
protection from children: security
child safety: locks from children
child lock: door interlocks
protection from children on the cabinet: lock for the door
limiter: baby safety lock
Cabinet Doors: cabinet lock, door lock, drawer locks
Latches from children: kids safety
baby proof: securite enfant
ABS plastic: Security door
Cabinet door lock: baby safety lock
12 ps lock and 3 key: drop shipping
hot sale: new arrival
children’s lockers: safety for children
Invisible lock: lock for drawer
hidden cabinet lock: 3m protection
baby goods: baby proofing products
protection for children: cabinet lock straps
magnetic cupboard locks: magnetic latches for cabinets
children: children’s protective lock
baby safety barrier: child lock kitchen cabinet
children’s locks for furniture: protection from children
protection cabinets from children: locks on cabinets from children
child protection baby safety lock: cabinet safety locks

Additional information

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 1.0 × 1.0 × 1.0 cm

PJ3214A, PJ3214B, PJ3214C, PJ3214E, PJ3214F, PJ913



Ships From

China, Russian Federation

hidden cabinet lock

3m protection

12 ps lock and 3 key

drop shipping

hot sale

new arrival

Age Range


Baby Safety

Infant Security

baby goods

baby proofing products

door interlocks

castle from children

children's lockers

safety for children



12 pieces set

Infant Security

child safety

locks from children

Childproof Locks

locks from children

Latches from children

kids safety

4 pieces set

8 pieces set


Cabinet Lock


children's protective lock

protection from children on the cabinet

lock for the door


Childproof Locks


baby safety lock

magnetic cupboard locks

magnetic latches for cabinets

protection for children

cabinet lock straps

Cabinet Doors

cabinet lock, door lock, drawer locks

Magnetic Lock

Kids Drawer Locker


Cabinet Doors

drawer latch

baby safety lock

protection from children


child lock

door interlocks

children's locks for furniture

protection from children

Cabinet door lock

baby safety lock





baby safety barrier

child lock kitchen cabinet

Item Type

Cabinet Locks & Straps

Model Number


Brand Name


baby proof

securite enfant

Invisible lock

lock for drawer

protection cabinets from children

locks on cabinets from children

ABS plastic

Security door

Invisible Magnetic Lock

Cabinet Lock

Kids Drawer Locker

Children Protection

child protection baby safety lock

cabinet safety locks


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